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Coral – a platform for ethical and sustainable shopping in Malta

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

2020 is the year where online stores became the norm as businesses realised e-commerce is the only way to survive COVID-19, and they are seemingly becoming the future of retail. Today we are going to talk about a unique kind of online shop.

Coral is a multi-vendor online marketplace which features a myriad of products from many different businesses and artisans in Malta. What makes this online store really unique is the fact that all the products featured on it, possess specific common aspects – they are all good for the body and good for the planet.

Coral is probably one of the most visually beautiful elements of underwater life. Sadly, corals around the world are dying, in most of the cases through what is called bleaching. This crisis is a result of elevated sea temperatures which ‘bleaches’ the coral; it loses its algae and becomes white. We already lost more than half of the world’s coral reefs to bleaching. Scientists predict that by 2050, all coral reefs will be in danger if global warming is not tackled seriously.

“As an Eco Market brand, it was our priority to give our new digital project the same values about environmental sustainability, and at the same time, we wanted it to represent both beauty and wellness. We believe that word ‘coral’ does that perfectly” says founder Zen D’Amato Gautam.

The platform has tons of advantages and innovative features. First of all, it gives the buyer the convenience of finding everything in the same place. The site is extremely user-friendly, dynamic and intuitive, with a myriad of categories including Fashion & Accessories, Baby & Kids, Health & Beauty, Home & Office, Travel & Outdoors, and Food & Beverage. Buyers can create their own account and leave their own reviews on their purchases. Another significant feature that Coral offers is 100% buyer protection combined with an impeccable pre and after sales customer service.

Coral facilitates the buyer’s shopping dilemmas by highlighting the sustainability features of each and every product – at a glance. For instance, buyers can easily select only products that are Vegan, or Certified Organic. Buyers can search by items which were created using recycled content, or made from reclaimed materials. Buyers can also choose to support and purchase from non-profits, or from associations that empower women or plant a tree with every purchase. There are 30 total sustainability features, meant to help the buyer choose according to their ethics and priorities.

Nobody has the time to research the story behind every product and every brand; whether they source their raw materials sustainably, or test on animals, or use GMO and other dangerous chemicals. That’s when Coral comes in. They do all the research for you and we read all the labels for you. Only those products which satisfy our evaluation criteria get a spot on our site.

Go to coral.shopping to start your ethical and sustainable buying experience.

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