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Aid to the Kibengo Youth Care Activists - climate restoration and community assistance in Uganda

Last Summer I was invited to collaborate with an incredible youth-led organisation in Uganda named the 'Kibengo Youth Care Activists' (KYCA). Over the past few months, I've communicated practically on a daily basis with KYCA's founder Dr Mwesigye Robert, who I've come to know as a trustworthy, dedicated and honourable individual, whose sole interest at heart is to do whatever he can to restore the climate for future generations and to provide assistance in the community to whoever may need. He, together with his dedicated team, push aside other commitments to give this venture their full attention.

COVID has presented them with greater challenges than one could imagine, and they are very short of funds to be able to carry out any of their basic work. They are using funds from their own personal earnings (which are very scarce) just to get enough money to purchase seedlings which will enable them to plant trees during the rainy season (which is happening now).

Their resources are very limited, and the rental lease they paid two years ago in order to have a very basic office from which they could access internet and work is now running out. Their lease agreement closes at the end of this month and without it, their work will come to a complete halt.

I am now launching a fundraiser, to give them the little bit of help they need to keep things going for a little longer. They have big plans for the future and are finding collaborators to help with specific projects, such as the Kagera region Peatlands restoration; however, should they not have sufficient funds now to stay afloat, all this will be for nothing.

Background of KYCA

Back in 2017, a group of environmentally conscious youths got together to set up an organisation in Kibengo, Uganda, which would work towards climate restoration in the Isingiro District, as well as addressing issues in the community relating to poverty, vulnerability, education and hygiene. Together, they formed the Kibengo Youth Care Activists organisation, which is an officially registered Community Based Organisation in the Isingiro District of Uganda. They have worked relentlessly over the past few years and achieved commendable results relating to reforestation/afforestation of the bare lands, climate related education in schools and to the larger community, assistance to vulnerable members of the community, with a particular focus on helping youths learn skills which they can carry with them throughout their lives and help build their future.

I therefore ask you to consider donating to this honourable cause. I've just set up a new website for KYCA with Wix, you can access it on: https://kycauganda.wixsite.com/kyca and take a look at their twitter page: https://twitter.com/KibengoU should you wish to learn more.

You can donate and share the fundraiser by clicking:


On behalf of the Kibengo Youth Care Activists, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! :)


Louisa Tonna

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